The Internationality section is dedicated to those who are looking for study-, training- or work-experience abroad. In addition to the well-known Erasmus+ exchange programme, the three Departments belonging to the School of Legal, Political and Economic and Social Sciences at the CLE campus offer a wide range of international, exchange and mobility programmes.

For further information, a face-to-face peer-to-peer tutoring service is available.

Please check the notices for changes in the tutoring service hours.



Contact the International Office of the Hub of Law and Social Sciences

- by E-mail:

- by Telephone:

 International Mobility: Wednesday, 14.00 - 16.00 - tel: +39 011 670 4499 - 4421

 Special Double Degrees: Tuesday, 10.00 - 12.00 - tel: +39 011 670 4179



Erasmus Tutor

The face-to-face peer-to-peer tutoring service for students is currently suspended, but we hope to resume face-to-face activity as soon as possible.

The Erasmus tutors, divided by Department, are dedicated to all incoming and outgoing students participating in the Erasmus+ programme or other mobility projects (CTLS, Thesis Abroad, etc.).

Email :

Erasmus CPS and EST Tutors

Friday, 9 - 12 am   

Erasmus Tutor Law

Thursday, 9am - 12pm


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